This is a photoshoot I did of a lovely mother (and fellow photographer) and her daughter. There is a cute local ice cream shop in my neighbourhood of Highlands, called "Kind". Not only is the ice cream amazing, but the staff are also friendly, and the shop smells delightfully of homemade waffle cones.

This shoot took place early morning on a cool spring day that started with hail (typical Edmonton, weather). Who doesn't want ice cream at 11 am during a hailstorm?! I know I do! Much to my surprise it was busy at the ice cream shop, turns out other people had the same idea as me. Ice cream at 11 am on a Sunday!! The store was to open for 11 am and people were already lined up at 10:50am to get their ice cream.

I won't give you my exact age but I am a 90's girl and right now Kind is offering "90's inspired flavours" such as Dunkaroos, Deep'n Delicious and Cherry Coke Sorbet (which is vegan). I caved and brought a pint of the Dunkaroos home with me after the shoot. They have rotating favours so if you want some 90's inspired ice cream you better go now!

This shoot was so much fun it felt amazing to capture these special moments between a mother and daughter. It makes me want to plan my own other daughter shoot with my Mum next time she comes to visit.

- Ivy Jane Photography